Responsible Gambling

The following sections create Appendix 4 to our main Terms and Conditions and include the most important information about the brand’s Responsible Gambling Policy. 

Our goals are to motivate responsible gambling, protect customers from gambling addiction, and help players deal with it. To support our users and promote responsible gambling we make sure that all Leon managers receive special training and offer users to read these important sections:

  • How to set deposit limits
  • How to set wagering limits
  • Temporary, permanent, and comprehensive self-exclusion
  • How to prevent underage gambling
  • How to take control + help organizations 

Deposit limits

Leon users have an opportunity to set daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits. This feature is available in your personal profile, and after setting deposit limitations, users need to wait for 24 hours to raise them. Punters can set lower limits at any time. The platform changes your limits automatically, and you can visit the “Manage deposit limits” section to activate the “Apply” pop-up. Newly registered accounts have “None” deposit limits, which means that you can replenish your Leon wallet without any limitations. The “Self-Exclusion” section below covers more detailed information about deposit limits.

Wagering limits

Leon users have an opportunity to set daily, weekly, and monthly wagering limits. This feature controls the total amount of bets placed during the selected period. Wagering limits are also available in your personal profile, and after setting wager limitations, users need to wait for 24 hours to raise them. Users are allowed to set lower limits at any time. The standard limit value is “None”, which means that new clients can place an unlimited number of bets. The platform changes your limits automatically, and you can visit the “Manage wagering limits” section to activate the “Apply” pop-up.


Those users who need to take a break from online betting can activate the self-exclusion feature located in the “Manage Deposit Limits” section. There is a temporary self-exclusion option that allows clients to set a 0 deposit limit for 6 months. The platform will automatically apply this limit, and you will not be able to change it during a 6-month period. You can also set an indefinite 0 deposit limit to activate the permanent self-exclusion protocol and deactivate your Leon account forever. 

Self-exclusion is a radical tool that helps players to deal with severe cases of gambling addiction. Remember that you can always contact our friendly customer support managers to tell them about your problem and ask any questions about deposit limits. Players can ask support experts to activate self-exclusion and freeze their accounts. Do not forget that you can not ask our managers to raise your wagering or deposit limits during the selected period.

Comprehensive Self-Exclusion

Those Leon clients who feel that they have an uncontrollable gambling addiction and want to distance themselves from all gaming-related activities have an opportunity to initiate the comprehensive self-exclusion protocol. The first step is to fill in the Request form with your private data and government-issued identification. It is very important to enter only valid information, and you should check the form before sending it. The Commission will verify your request and activate the comprehensive self-exclusion procedure. It means that you will be permanently excluded from all gaming platforms controlled and licensed by the Commission. Remember that your voluntary self-exclusion is an irreversible process and there is no way to reverse it. 

Underage Access

According to gaming laws, underage gambling (before becoming 18 years old) is considered illegal, and Leon has very strict rules that identify and control underage players. Minor users are not allowed to join Leon, send money to their accounts, and use the site’s sportsbook and casino. We have standard identity checks that include age verification. Players need to remember that all accounts created by minor clients will be deactivated, and Leon will forfeit all funds from their gaming wallets.

We recommend that users prevent underage players from joining bookmaker resources to protect them. Visit the Family Online Safety Institute platform ( to find more information and very useful tips. Do not forget that there are special filtering systems that help adults to control their children’s Internet access. Net Nanny ( and Cyber Patrol ( are some of the most reputable parental control systems on the market.

Taking Control

Even though most gambling fans know how to play responsibly and can control their actions, some players face gambling addiction and cannot understand that it is time to stop. You should always remember the following statements to fully control your actions:

  • Online gambling is just an entertaining activity and definitely not a stable source of income.
  • Do not use your last funds to play casino games and place wagers. Spend only little amounts that you can lose without any worries.
  • Keep an eye on your time and financial losses.
  • Set low deposit and wager limits to control your finances and know when to stop.
  • Take breaks between successful and unsuccessful wagers to stay calm and focused.

When a customer calls the brand’s customer support managers and tells them about his potential gambling addiction, we reserve the right to initiate a temporary self-exclusion, giving this player an opportunity to take a break from online gaming and get some rest.

Leon clients who realize that they have gambling problems and understand that they can not deal with these problems themselves should get in touch with one of these organizations: 

Gambling Therapy. This international organization provides help and support to all people with mild and severe gambling problems. Its convenient platform is available in several languages and can be found at:

Gamblers Anonymous. This is a united group of men and women with gaming problems who created a fellowship to support each other and learn how to overcome gambling addiction together. Experienced punters help newcomers learn how to control their habits, and you can find this group at:
GamCare. This is the main authority that offers support, provides counseling services, and controls the social influence of online betting in the United Kingdom. This is their platform with more information: